YouTube Over Doing It With Ads

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Has anyone else noticed lately that YouTube has started to add a whole lot more Ads to videos? A lot of videos now have not only the ads at the beginning of the video, which is understandable, but advertisements that interrupt the video as well. Perhaps it is up to the video uploader whether or not ads can play midway, 1/4th of the way, or 3/4ths of the way through the video, interrupting it. I honestly don’t know, as the last time I uploaded a video was in 2011.

However, this is resulting in fragmented videos, and over advertising. Often times I find that the same exact ad is playing multiple times throughout a video, which just makes me annoyed with that advertiser, especially when the advertisement break cuts off the video in an unnatural way, such as cutting off the video narrator or someone else speaking in the video, mid sentence. It would not be as bad if YouTube, and content creators would do a couple of things to make it flow better, such as:

  • Have transitions in the video to the ad break. If the content creator is choosing to allow multiple ads, and how many, they can put natural transitions in their videos to account for when the ad will play, and make it less of an annoyance. For example, if a content creator knows that ads will happen at the beginning, 1/4th, 1/2, and 3/4th section of the videos, they can put transitions in these sections so the Ad doesn’t simply cut them off.
  • Don’t play the same ad multiple times in the same video. This is just plain annoying, and does not make people more likely to go for your product or service. Just ask Head-on (Apply directly to the forehead). Back in the day, they used to play their ads twice during a lot of commercial breaks, which made the fact that they annoyingly had to repeat themselves 3 times during each ad all the more annoying. Now you never see an ad for them, and I am not sure if they even exist any more. Annoying potential customers is not a way to make money. I am looking at you Gold Peak. Stop playing your boring monotone ads during my viewing.

Perhaps one day advertisers, and apparently YouTube themselves will actually figure out what non-annoying advertising is. But alas, today is not that day. I know it is not the most important issue in the world, and is definitely a first-world problem,┬ábut sometimes I just have a nagging urge to complain about something that annoys me. Oh, and before people go “Just Use an Ad Blocker”, my response is no. I actually want the content creators and channels I enjoy to make money, so they can keep doing it. Just be less annoying about it, please, for the sake of sanity.

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