What I want out of Destiny 2

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With Destiny 2 coming out later this year (September 8th to be exact), there are a couple of things I want to see with the second game. Some of these are things from the first Destiny game that I think should be changed, or removed, and some are just ideas. I love Destiny and play it all the time. With that being said, there are some things about the game I don’t like, some things I love, and some features I wish it had. So, lets jump into it.

Better Story

Destiny is a fun game. However, its story, even with all of it’s expansions, is lacking. It is thin in most places, and seems like it could have been so much more. If the Internet is to be believed, this is because Bungie fired the lead writer of the story midway through development, then had the story completely re-written. If true, this resulted in a story with potential, but that is ultimately disappointing. What remains of the in-game story is lacking in detail. Sure, some of the missing backstory and main story elements can be recovered by using the Grimoire Card system, but I should not have to go online to bungie.net for story content that should have been included in the game in the first place.

In my opinion, Bungie needs to make sure they do not make the same mistake with Destiny 2. Destiny 2 needs to have a rich, detailed story. The story should immerse the player in the Destiny universe, and enhance the suspension of disbelief. If Bungie fails to fix this issue with Destiny 2, they risk losing the player base that actually plays for story as well as multiplayer.

Better Voice Actors

Peter Dinklage is a great actor, but honestly, he did terrible with Destiny. Perhaps it was the writing, or the fact that there was not much context to the script, as I mentioned above. Yes, they replaced him in an update with Nolan North, who is a great voice actor. However, it seems like where Dinklage under acted, North over acted, ruining my suspension of disbelief. Maybe he was overcompensating due to the complaints about Dinklage’s performance. I honestly don’t know.

Perhaps the only voice actor I felt gave a truly great performance was Nathan Fillion, voice of Cayde-6. All the other voice actors seemed like they were trying, but falling short, again, perhaps due to the lacking story/script. If that is the case, Bungie may be able to fix this by simply delivering a better story, with better writing.

Less Passive Player Character

In Destiny, it seems like, for the most part, the player’s character just stands there like a lump on a log, and does whatever the current quest’s NPC tells him/her to do. They don’t usually comment, object, or even utter a single syllable most of the time. This, to me, makes it seem like the player is everyone’s favorite errand boy, or to quote Trevor from GTA, a “Generic Goon”.

The few pieces of dialog the player character does spout are uninspired, and few and far between. The player character needs to take a more active role in the story itself, and speak up more. Disagree with Zavala, or even the almighty Speaker. Give input, and take a more active roll. The player character is supposed to be some kind of bad-ass, even by Guardian standards, yet all he/she does is what other people say, never really giving input except for on rare occasions.

More Social Features

Sure, we have the bungie.net forums, voice chat, clans, and the ability to view other player’s profiles. However, there are many features that I feel would improve the game overall. Some will disagree with me on some of these, but that is okay, as we all look for different things in games.

First, is Chat. With Destiny 2 launching on PC, which Destiny, unfortunately never did, Chat is no longer just a nice feature to have that isn’t there, it is now a necessary feature, especially in social areas. I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped into the tower, just to be insta-invited to a party wanting to run a raid. I ignore the invite, so they send me an Xbox Live or PSN message, which I respond not interested to. I only enjoy raiding or doing strikes with my friends, as I know them, and we work better together, resulting in less frustration. This issue could be solved by a simple chat system in the social areas where users can post LFG messages. Yes, Xbox added a LFG feature directly to Xbox Live, somewhat resolving this issue. However, it is an issue that should have been resolved by the developer, not the console maker.

Second, and many will disagree with me here, is trading. I would love to see trading in Destiny 2. No matter how much Bungie tries to say otherwise, at its core, Destiny is an MMOFPS, and the only MMO I have heard of that does not support player to player trading. You’d think that with Activision being the publisher, they’d realize that trade systems are crucial to MMO experiences, considering Activision is a division of the same company that runs World of Warcraft. From what I have heard, the biggest reason for the lack of trading in Destiny is to avoid real world trading that plagues other MMOs. But that is, in my opinion, the lazy way out. There are ways to mitigate real world trading. Just ask Jagex. RuneScape had huge issues with it for years, with Jagex even going so far as to significantly restrict trading to prevent it, ruining the game experience. Jagex eventually figured out how to mitigate real world trading without restricting trading in the game via a combination of bot-detection and mass-bans, as they found most real-world traders will used bots to mine resources and items, as that is the best way to make the most money. Real world trading is impossible to completely eliminate in any game that has a trade system, but using certain methods you can mitigate it to the point that it is a non-issue.

A More Consistent Experience

My wife gets exotics all the time. It seems like every time she does a raid, boom she gets another exotic. Sometimes they are re-drops of exotics she already has. This happens while I have to struggle to get an exotic to drop on a raid boss, even with a Three of Coins. In the entire time I have played, I have only had 7 exotics drop on Xbox, and most of those are the quest-exotics such as the Year 3 Gally and the exotic version of the Khostov, which everyone can get by just starting and completing those quest lines. The only 3 exotics I have ever had as random drops are the Zhalo Supercell, the Mote Carlo, and some helmet that’s me escapes me at the moment. It is a complete crap shoot luck of the draw. None of the Exotic drops I have ever gotten were even while using a Three of Coins. Whatever algorithm that Bungie uses to calculate when certain things drop for players needs to be drastically improved.

That is not the only area where the game experience is inconsistent. Bungie has on occasion removed certain crucible modes, added some in, only to remove them later, and genuinely made it seem to me like whoever determines what modes are available has a bad case of ADHD. For example, at the moment, the Control mode of crucible is not available to play without setting it up as a private match. I love Control, so what the hell Bungie? Bungie needs to figure out what the main crucible types are going to be for Destiny 2, and leave them in the game, without having to private match them. Have special modes for events and holidays, but do not remove modes that have been there for several months and even years, seemingly at random, with no mention as to why, other than throwing them back in as the weekly crucible every once and a while.

Those are the changes, and things I would like to see in Destiny 2. Disagree or have other thoughts or comments? Post them in the comments section.

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