Touch Bar is a useless gimmick

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For transparency reasons, I need to tell you that I do not own a Macbook Pro. I have not owned one for about a year, with the last one I owned being a 2012 model 13″ with an i5 processor. However, I recently got to try out a friends new Macbook Pro. You know, the new one with the fancy touchscreen strip where the F-Keys used to be. I have got to say, that has got to be one of the most useless, gimmicky features I have ever had the opportunity to test out.

First off, I am not sure if all of them have this issue, but the┬áTouch Bar seemed a little laggy, not delivering the responsiveness that should be required for a physical key replacement. It took me noticeably longer to perform basic functions using the Touch Bar rather than older, more traditional methods. That is not a good thing for a supposed “innovation”.

Second, it seemed like it was just a cash grab. It is not a feature one, especially one like my self, can’t live without. It breaks your productivity flow to use it, as you have to physically look down at it. For how much extra Apple is charging for a Macbook with this vs one without it with the same specs, you’d think they would have made sure it was actually an improvement first.

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